Economics and Investing:

Those pesky derivatives: U.S. Stocks Fall as JPMorgan Tumbles on Trading Report. (A tip of the hat to veteran content contributor Sue C. for the link.)

Economy: We Are Living In The Greatest Debt Bubble In The History Of The World

Mark T. sent this sad news: Nearly 3 in 10 have no savings for an emergency

Study: More Than Half a Trillion Dollars Spent on Welfare – But Poverty Levels Unaffected. (Thanks to Pierre M. for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Consumer Confidence in US Declines to a Five-month Low

Business Bracing For Bad Summer?

Home Prices Rise:  A Sign That Housing Has Bottomed? [JWR’s Comment: The real bottom won’t come until the overhang of foreclosures is greatly reduced. In 2016, perhaps? ]

US Gasoline Prices Cheapest Since January