Odds ‘n Sods:

Have you cleared that crucial defensible space around your house and barn?

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Snuffy sent us the PDF link to an excellent detailed analysis: Trade Off: Financial System Supply Chain Cross-Contagion–a study in global collapse.

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In this age of cell phones and text messaging, cultural flash mobs are quite popular, even in Russia. Of course, there is also the ugly flip side to folks having that level of organization and communication. (BTW, please don’t take the latter link as some sort of racist statement. For the record: I’m an anti-racist.)

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B.B. sent this sad tale of life in the big city: City of Norfolk using eminent domain to take 78 year old company. Alarmingly, the city doesn’t even have any plans for using the property, once they have it. What petty tyrants! Here we witness both an unjustified “taking” and a violation of freedom of speech. Out here in the hinterboonies, the only takings that we see rarely occur when the state needs to widen a highway. That is justifiable. But Old Dominion’s land grab clearly isn’t.

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B.B. sent this: The Bones of Fast and Furious: Hillary Clinton Deep In It?