Letter Re: Curious Postal and Common Carrier Drivers

James Wesley:

I was wondering if you could pose the question of “mail-order stuff” to the UPS or Fed-Ex drivers that read SurvivalBlog. Have they been told to “see something-say something”?
Thanks, – Ed S.

JWR Replies: I haven’t heard anything definitive on that topic in recent years. I’d appreciate UPS and FedEx drivers chiming in.

FWIW, I should mention that David Koresh (of Waco) first came to the attention of the BATF because a UPS driver reported seeing “grenade casings” protruding from a ripped cardboard box that was sent to the Waco church address.  Well, those were actually inert dummy grenades that Koresh had been buying to re-paint and assemble with used (dead) practice grenade fuse assemblies to turn into gag/novelty gifts mounted on wooden plaques.  (Those read: “Complaint Department, Take a Number” with matching “#1” tags attached to the grenade pin.) Do you remember those? They sold those a gun shows and via mail order. Well, eight months later, this happened. Please, dear readers, be very careful about the items you mail order and both the paper trails and electronic cookie crumb trails that you leave behind.