Letter Re: Prepping with Natural Gas From My Own Well

Dear Editor:
I tip my hat to Y. Sam! In my opinion, he has absolutely hit the jackpot as far as resources to have on your property. Having oil and gas even opens up the possibility of home distillation of gasoline and diesel fuel.
One aspect he didn’t mention: I was wondering if the gas from his wells is ‘wet’ enough to produce any casing-head gasoline? [A condensate, commonly called drip gasoline.]

In addition to converting modern engines and vehicles to run on natural gas, don’t forget that different types of engines were built specifically to run on natural gas. Companies such as Fairbanks-Morse, Arrow, and Ajax
(and many more) specially built natural-gas fired engines for service in the oilfield. these engines, such as the Fairbanks-Morse 208, are relatively simply machines and have no problem burning natural gas straight
from the wellhead, with no compressor is needed! They’re built to run at slow speed for extended period of time and will run virtually forever if properly maintained. The amount of work that can be done with these engines
is limited only by your imagination. – Jeff M.