Economics and Investing:

Debt Contagion Ahead! (Conveniently timed for after the U.S. Presidential election.): Citigroup Economists Say Greece To Exit Euro Zone On Jan. 1, 2013. (Thanks to K.A.F. for the link.)

From G.G.: Poverty Increasing Among Retirees

G.G. sent this: Smith & Wesson booms as firearms owners fear prez crackdown

Sean B. flagged this: Vallejo, California, once bankrupt, is now a model for cities in an age of austerity. Buried in the story, not surprisingly, is the revelation that the local sales tax was raised by 1% to a whopping 8.375% to bail out the spendthrift city government. (Only a leftist Washington Post journalist would have the temerity to headline this tax-gouging city a “model” for “austerity.”)

Items from The Economatrix:

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Gerald Celente:  Apocalypse Now.  The System is Falling Apart