Letter Re: Water Distillation Safety

Thanks for posting regarding the Pure Water Revolution stills.

I’d like to mention a concern regarding the purity of the ‘pure water’ mentioned in the video, and an idea for operational cost of the unit.

Volatile organic compounds such as: formaldehyde, d-Limonene, toluene, acetone, ethyl alcohol, 2-propanol hexanal, propane, butane, methyl chloride, etc.  All have a boiling point lower than or equal to water.  Therefore some of these compounds will end-up in the ‘pure water’ with the setup as shown in the video.

Many of the aforementioned compounds can be removed by not collecting water from the still until the temperature of the heated water reaches 100 degrees C (adjusted for elevation). Only attach the collection apparatus after 100 degrees C (212 degrees F) has been reached.

I’m sure the inventor’s final solution for a heat source won’t be the propane canister shown in the video since the cost would be prohibitive for many.  I’d propose a super efficient wood gas heater as this could be powered by tiny sticks and twigs, hence lower cost.

Sincerely, – Keith C.

JWR Replies: It is also important to note that distilled water should not be your sole source of water for drinking and cooking, because it lacks trace minerals that are important to human nutrition and bone health.