Economics and Investing:

Peter S. sent this prediction of housing market doom: Maybe no housing rebound for a generation: Shiller . In an another interview, he said: We Are in Age of ‘Late Great Depression’

Michael Pollaro: The Bernanke Bust, the why how and when

The Results Are In: Conservative States Prosper, While Liberal States Decline. (Thanks to James C. for the link.)

G.G. flagged this evidence that the Mother of All Bailouts (MOAB) is far from over: Senate votes to slow closing of post offices

Items from The Economatrix:

Gold Will Win Money War

Derivatives:  The Unregulated Global Casino For Banks

Two Meltdowns:  Fukushima and the US Economy

Orders for US Durable Goods Drops Most in Three Years

US Economy Grew Less than Forecast in First Quarter

Spanish Economy in “Huge Crisis” After Downgrade