Letter Re: Defending Static Positions in a Survival Setting

Mr. Rawles,
Three thoughts on this topic:
1.  If you are relying on defending your home without outside help then the battle is already lost.  It is too easy to burn down your average residence.  Defense should be a community endeavor with “depth” provided by multiple engagements from multiple locations.
2.  I believe that your average, semi-motivated troublemakers in a TEOTWAWKI will lack training and will become victims of “target fixation”.  In other words, they will be motivated to roam around and loot but will not have a modicum of good tactical skills.  They will fixate on their target and will be easily ventilated from a shooter outside of the home.  After the gun battle begins, they will be focused on the house or other structure and a trained shooter can take them under fire from the flank or rear.  This shooter must wait until the mob begins attacking the home/structure.  The crowd will think any casualties they take are coming from the target.  Keep the battlefield a 360 degree challenge.
3. If your city/town/community has collapsed to the point that mobs are roaming with impunity then sitting around and waiting to be the next target is a loser’s game.  Take the fight to the enemy.  Always choose the time, place and conditions of a fight.  
– Mark S., PCSed to Germany