Letter Re: Feedback on a Combat Medicine Course

Good Morning Jim,
I have to fill you in on this.  I spent the last three days in Ohio at Chuck Fenwick’s (of Medical Corps / KIO3) Combat medicine class and just posted this on my Facebook page.
“I’m the president of CampingSurvival.com. I spent the last three days at Chuck Fenwick and Dave Turner’s combat medicine class in Ohio and I highly recommend it. Check out the stuff we did, here. It was a great experience and I am so glad I got to meet some of the great people I did. We will also have some new medical/dental supplies on our site soon thanks to them. One real interesting part was sitting next to a 30-year veteran MD that confessed that she didn’t know most of what she learned at the class and hadn’t even sutured since medical school. Think about that!”
I met some great people from Chuck to Dave Turner, Tom Loomis (Dentist) Jean Paul, and others..  I highly recommend this class and hope to take his advanced class in July. 
So many things stick in my head and one is that I now feel competent at even taking care of my kids teeth such as a filling or extraction in a situation where the infrastructure has failed.
Thanks, – Tom