Letter Re: Canning Food in a Grid-Down World

Dear JWR,
Regarding the article Canning Food in a Grid-Down World, by Christine C., I have a question for your readers. I have only pressure canned over bottled gas or electric heat. Is it possible to pressure can over wood heat? I have cooked over wood outdoors. My dad used to cook Christmas ham on a Buck stove in the family room.  I have never had a wood cook stove. Or, am I going to have to stock pile bottled gas for my camp stove?

I want to thank Christine for the information about the gasket-less canner brand. I need to replace my old Mirro that is about 35 years old with a broken handle and has been through a house fire! Gaskets do last for years if not burnt. But, parts are getting hard to find. – Mathematician Magician