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Don’t miss this interview with Jim Sinclair: The Impending Undeclared Default of Five Major US Banks. Sinclair exposes an upcoming decision by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA). He expects some very short-cropped haircuts on CDS derivatives. In this land of smoke and mirrors, it all comes down to terminology. What is a severe credit event euphemistically called, other than default? Sinclair anticipates a writeoff down to thirty cents on the dollar for Greek debt! A collapse in the Euro is coming .Massive bailouts are coming. Some very large banks may go under, or more likely they will be bailed out with trillions of magically created dollars. . Sinclair also predicts global quantitative easing. For some background, see my article: Derivatives–The Mystery Man Who’ll Break the Global Bank at Monte Carlo. Sinclair says: “They can’t kick this can much farther down the road.”

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Also from B.B., comes this: BBC Source – Merkel: “Greece Will Default”

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