Letter Re: Advice on Sleeping Bags

Dear Mr. Rawles,
Would you please address outdoor sleeping gear for women?
I feel like I am very prepared. However, the one glaring problem I have had my whole life is sleeping comfortably outside in about any season.  When I was 20, I just didn’t care but now that I am 40 and have five kids, not getting enough sleep is not an option.
I would love to hear how others, especially women, stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The biggest problem I have is that I either sweat too much and freeze (doesn’t matter if its summer or winter) or can’t warm my feet enough and thus can’t warm up the rest of my body.  I’ve browsed the archives and the internet and utilized some of those suggestions, but it is mostly men writing and I’ve read that women’s bodies hold and lose heat differently. Thanks! – Nikki S.

JWR Replies: Please take the time to read my review of the Wiggy’s FTRSS–a two-sleeping bag system. Because the FTRSS can be reconfigured into three different thicknesses to match different seasons or elevations, they are ideal for people that find that they either sleep too hot or too cold. These bags are outstanding, and made to last a lifetime. They are also American-made, which is a true rarity, these days.

Also, note that a proper sleeping cap is also crucial, for cold nights. The human body radiates an amazing amount of heat from the head and neck, because they are so vascular. If you suffer from cold feet at night, then the trick is: Cover your head! Perhaps some readers will want to chime in.