Notes from JWR:

Today marks Pearl Harbor Day — December 7, 1941, 70 years ago today. My Quote Of The Day comes from the lyrics of the song Smoke On The Water. (No, not the better-known song of the same name by Deep Purple.) This one dates from 1944, by Western Swing singer Red Foley. I suppose that many in the Kumbaya crowd would consider the lyrics politically incorrect. With the World War II generation now nearly gone, it is time to reflect. I, for one, have not forgotten their sacrifice. — The following another entry for Round 38 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction …

Self-Sufficiency Gardening in Climate Zones 8 and 9, by David G.

Unemployment is rampant. The government is bankrupt. Foreclosures are everywhere. And one day soon, you may find your local grocery store has closed and shut off your supply of Hot Pockets. Most of us have never had to grow our own food. Those that have grown their own generally do it as a hobby – or as a way to get a vine-ripened tomato without selling a kidney.. Climate zones 8 and 9 [found in much of Arizons, parts of Florida, and the regions at the north end of California’s Central Valley] are not a gardening paradise. If you go …

Letter Re: Seasonal Reminder: Popcorn Tins for EMP-Proof Storage

Jim, Just a quick note to those interested in obtaining a simple cost-effective Faraday Cage-like enclosures to protect small to mid-size electronic devices. As has been mentioned in SurvivalBlog before, the large steel cans of popcorn sold at the large box stores this time of year make great EMP-proof storage containers. After emptying the popcorn just place your electronics into the can and place the lid on top. No need to ground the container. I place my Fluke multimeters, spare Solar charge controllers, spare handi-talkies and mobile radios in these tins. Thanks for all you do. – Larry D.

Economics and Investing:

Central Banks Dollar Liquidity Only Prolongs The Euro Debt Crisis. J.B.G. sent this: Desperately Seeking Capital: Berlin May Have to Nationalize Giant Commerzbank. By way of Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit comes this: China to Prepare for Social Unrest. Jim Rogers: US Falling Into ‘Deeper Trouble,’ Faces 2013 Depression. (Thanks to B.B. for the link.) G.G. sent this: Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts Items from The Economatrix: MF Global Proves Enron-Era Accounting Lives On Central Bank Intervention:  Much Ado About Nothing Analyst:  Earnings Outlook May Be Deteriorating Rapidly Analysis:  BofA Close To Its Limit For Share Issuance

Odds ‘n Sods:

Andrew Price (who is well-known for his Dryad Bushcraft and A-Z Bushcraft web sites) plans to make a film in New Mexico: TEOTWAWKI – a fictional documentary. I’ve corresponded with Andrew since before the days of SurvivalBlog, so I can vouch that this won’t be a typically Hollywood hatchet job.)    o o o Camping Survival has added a new closeout items section, with some amazing bargains.    o o o F.G. flagged this: Disaster preparedness leads the way in holiday shopping this Christmas season.    o o o Consider the recent headline from Japan about the Eight Ferrari pileup. …

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“There will be a sad day comin’ For the foes of all mankind They must answer to the people And it’s troubling their mind Everybody who must fear them Will rejoice on that great day When the powers of dictators Shall be taken all away. There’ll be smoke on the water On the land and the sea When our Army and Navy overtakes the enemy There’ll be smoke on the mountains Where the Heathen Gods stay And the sun that is risin’ Will go down on that day.” – Red Foley, Smoke On The Water