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Jim Rogers: “The U.S. Federal Reserve Is Lying To Us”

By way of Tamara’s View From The Porch blog: Like it or not, the euro is doomed. Tam’s comment: “Formerly the province of goldbugs, nationalists, and other assorted doomsayers, predictions of the Euro’s imminent demise are going mainstream. This is the inevitable result of letting Arthur Bach and Ebenezer Scrooge share a joint checking account.”

An interesting 20 minute interview with Jim Sinclair. He discusses: increasing precious metals market turbulence is looming, MF Global, a key change in bankruptcy laws (that benefits derivatives holders), hypothecation, and a fundamental shift in the safety of securities clearinghouses. Some choice Sinclair snippets: “The market mechanism is broken”, he predicts “Quantitative Easing to infinity”, and opines: “You don’t need [a] major nation invasion to have a Third World War when one takes place every day in the bond market.” He also stresses personally holding physical gold and silver. Most importantly, he says: “Take care of yourselves, because nobody else is going to do it for you. Be your own central bank, and be your own clearinghouse.”

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