Economics and Investing:

John R. recommended this: Perpetual QE Without the Billboard (Jim Willie)

K.T. sent a link to a video of Chris Martenson’s presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid. This is a great lecture and hence a hour well-spent! A key question: Are you living in a state that is a energy exporter or an energy importer? (Think: Geothermal, coal, natural gas, and oil.) Plan ahead, and relocate your family strategically.

G.P. suggested: IMF rescue of Italy will spark global uprising

Michael A. alerted me to this: US gives money to Eurozone. (And much of it will come out of thin air.) Some analysis: Where Are We?

L.C. sent this: The Run On Europe Begins: “Once Runs Like This Get Started, They Can Accelerate Fast”

Items from The Economatrix:

Euro In Danger, Europe Races For Debt Solution

Fitch Keeps US AAA Credit Rating But Dims Outlook

S&P Downgrades Top US Banks’ Credit Ratings

Moody’s Continues Fanning The Eurozone Debt Crisis Flames

Financial Red Alert:  Europe Stands On Verge of “Apocalyptic” Debt Crisis With Only Days Remaining