Letter Re: Skip Watching The Movie “Contagion”

Jim and SurvivalBloggers:
If you are looking for some hard hitting survival techniques skip the recently-released movie Contagion. There are no real disasters is this disaster movie. The real message here is wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, and they drone on and on how the virus spreads. A good half of the movie is finding the source. I found myself envying the test monkeys because they were dropping dead and no longer had to watch this stinker. The power, water, Internet and cell all stayed on throughout the story, why they even had a dance. They brought in far too many characters into the plot, and jumped all over the globe, so you couldn’t follow any one person.

If you liked the trailer, then you saw the best bits of this film. It is typical of Hollywood to treat moviegoers like small children and force a wash your hands message until we are sick of it. Pass it along maybe the real contagion is to not to see it. – Matt H .