Letter Re: Job Opportunities in Northwestern Montana

For those looking to relocate to the American Redoubt, I just got word of some job opportunities at a family-owned and operated woodstove company in Troy, Montana:

Are you looking for a way out of city life but can’t find a well paying job in a remote area?
Montana based Obadiah’s Woodstoves has openings for secretary, bookkeeper, web site design, SEO maintenance and possibly inside sales.
We are also looking for a future manager to oversee operations.
If your looking to live and work near beautiful Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana, for a honest rapidly growing company focused on serving others, then send us your resume: woody@woodstoves.net
We will help you find proper land, or housing based on your needs. Temporary quarters are available during 30 day trial/probation period.
Must love the great outdoors and not mind extreme cold temperatures (-50, rarely), deep snow, bears, wolves and mountain lions, in exchange for, no crime, police or sales tax and a few friendly, like-minded neighbors.
If you’re not tough, survival minded, you will never make it here, so the faint of heart and dreamers, need not apply.
Chemically Sensitive? Our office is a non smoking, fragrance/chemical free environment, no perfumes, or chemicals allowed, just pure fresh mountain air. (Leave your “Tide” at home please!)