Two Letters Re: The Case For Silver Spoons

Hi Jim,
I wholeheartedly agree with using silver spoons daily.

At issue with the article is the fact that many people have misconceptions about colloidal silver including F.J.B.  It should not be consumed internally.  Gargling or swishing around the mouth is fine, as is using it in a nasal sprayer for the sinuses and nasal passages.  Swallowing colloidal silver, however, is not advised.  The problem is that the elemental silver reacts with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to produce silver chloride which does not have any of the sought after properties the the metallic silver has.  It will however contribute to argyria. Colloidal silver should be used topically to control infection. 

Additionally, it is not made properly by running a small current through water.  It can be made at home, but requires a decidedly more difficult method.  Page 320 of “General Chemistry”  5th Edition by Nebergall, Schmidt & Holttzclaw states that the colloid is prepared by drawing an electric arc with silver electrodes under water.  The vapor condenses to particles of colloidal size.  The “Bredig Arc” is drawn with 5-10 amperes at 30-to-40 volts DC.  

There has been a very large contingent of people espousing the idea that a small current derived from batteries will produce a proper colloid.  This is simply not true.  Commercially prepared colloidal silver has a clear golden color.  If a preparation is water clear and /or milky in color, then it is not colloidal silver.

Lastly, Sterling Silver is alloyed with 7.5% copper, not nickel. [JWR Adds: I’ve already corrected that post.]

Sincerely, – Ray K.


Mr. Rawles:
Just a quick comment on  The Case For Silver Spoons, by F.J.B.:

We purchased our Big Berkey [ceramic water filter] in 1999 and have used it daily since.  My husband began “storing” a few .999 fine silver bars in the bottom.  The bars still sparkle, the water tastes fine, and we have had no major sicknesses like the flu in over 10 years. – Grace H.