Letter Re: Military Surplus Generators and Concertina Wire

I have found some good advice in SurvivalBlog over the years.  For example your referenced GovLiquidation.com site some years back.  Fort Polk, Louisiana is a two hour drive from my retreat.  I bought a $10,000 MEP-002A 5 KW diesel generator with only three hours clocked on it at auction for $1,500. I was somewhat concerned that it might not work or have problems with it but I decided to chance it.    

Picked it up, brought it home, hooked up two batteries and it cranked right up.  Runs like a top.  Amazing that the government is selling  stuff for what it sells it for but it does. I have had it for nine months and run it every two weeks and have not had any problems with it.     

About every six months they have a batch of about 20 or so generators up for auction.  I will probably buy another.  Can’t beat the price and the generators are built like a tank.   

I also got a batch of  70 rolls of concertina wire for $400. They were in very good shape.   These are the long rolls that sell for about $75 to $100 a piece, new.  I stored them in the very back field at my “farm”. – Carl D.