Letter Re: SlideFire Stocks and OPSEC

Mr. Rawles,         
First, I’d like to thank you once again for doing what you do, helping many, many people in the preparedness movement.   

I’d like to to share my experience with the SSAR-15 SlideFire stock. I saw a video of the product in action on YouTube a month prior to the SurvivalBlog post concerning the SSAR. I couldn’t resist ordering one myself. A very interesting and functional product. And fun too!

But where I shoot is private plantation pine land with a dozen houses within a mile. Rifle fire is a unmistakable sound even over mile in a rural area with cotton and peanut fields. A couple hundred rounds of rifle fire on a calm Saturday afternoon sounding nearly identical to full auto. Less than a week later neighbors and the small town gun shop crowd was talking about me being in possession of a full auto weapon. Definitely not the kind of rumors about you that you want flying around. Thieves, ATF agents, etc, are not the guys you want knocking on your door. (Or knocking in your door for that matter.) This was a OPSEC breach on my part, but not from me talking, but my rifle talking and people hearing.    

The SSAR-15 stock would make a prudent addition to an individual’s AR but should be fitted and fired with OPSEC in mind. I thought you may find my experience with this item somewhat interesting to SurvivalBlog readers. Once again thank you for what you do. Keep your powder dry, my friend. – G.T.