JWR’s Product Review: The Vest Guy Magazine Pouches

I recently bought a number of magazines pouches made in Utah by The Vest Guy. I was very impressed with their quality. Great materials, expert stitching, and dimensionally correct. The particular pouches that I bought are for the Saiga 12 shotgun (both box and drum magazines) in MultiCam camouflage. But the company also makes a very wide variety of load bearing vests, duffles, drag bags, packs, and umpteen varieties of magazine pouches. Some of these appear unique. For instance, I noticed that they offer some X-Series .308 drum magazine pouches and FN PS90 pouch varieties that I haven’t seen from any other maker.

They have a very wide range of sizes and colors. For practical preppers, unless you live on a sailboat or out in a desert then I primarily recommend olive drab or MultiCam. Yes, I know that black is more popular because of the SWAT mystique. But ask yourself: How much flora and fauna found in nature is colored dark black? Very little. I have found that olive drab blends in nicely both day and night, but in daylight black sticks out like proverbial sore thumb, even in urban environments. So I advise opting for versatility rather than garnering Mall Ninja style points.

The Vest Guy also makes a lot of “drop leg” holsters and pouches, which I dislike from a practical standpoint. I suppose they have to keep their customers that are in the extreme fringes of the Airsoft Crowd happy. But FWIW, I think that if Airsofters ever had to carry the weight of real, loaded magazines around, then some of their gear preferences would change rapidly. Again, choose the items that you order wisely. Just be cause it is cataloged doesn’t make it practical.

If you are tired of buying low quality imported web gear (usually from Mainland China), then add The Vest Guy right next to Maxpedition and Wiggy’s on your list of quality gear makers that have the integrity to still manufacture their products here in the United States. Kudos!

OBTW, for the sake of full disclosure: I paid full full ticket retail for my Vest Guy pouches and I’ll gain nothing from this endorsement, so the FTC can take a flying leap.