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You might not have noticed that the US Dollar Index has been falling recently. (At 74.77, the last time I checked.) Hmmmm… With all the turmoil with the EU periphery, common sense would dictate that the US Dollar should be appreciating rapidly versus the Euro. But it isn’t. So what is the real story, behind the news? I suspect that the US Dollar is in for some very deep trouble in the next few months.

Steven M. sent this from Zero Hedge: After Dumping 30% of its Treasury Holdings in Half a Year, Russia Warns it Will Continue Selling US Debt

Also from Steven: U.S. existing-home sales fall to six-month low

Debt Crisis May Overwhelm Euro Zone Says IMF. (Thank to Patrick S.)

Lumberman suggested Bob Chapman’s recent piece in his International Forecaster newsletter: The Collapse of Nations All By The Hand Of Corrupt Bankers.

C.D.V. sent this: Risk of U.S. credit rating downgrade increased: S&P C.D.V. highlighted on quote: “‘Theoretically, there’s a lot of flexibility on the fiscal and the monetary side: you have a central bank that can expand its balance sheet, and that’s a real boon,” Moritz Kraemer, head of sovereign credit ratings for Europe at Standard & Poor’s, said on Tuesday”. C.D.V.’s comment: “That’s funny, I consider that a real negative.” 

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