Economics and Investing:

Six minute of must-watch video with Dylan Ratigan: Jim Rogers warns: Get prepared!

Just I warned you, the 46 cash-strapped States are finding creative ways to raise revenue: Downloads and drugs taxed under new Rhode Island budget plan. (Thanks to John E. for the link.)

Fake Bars: “Federal investigators say tungsten filled gold bars and lead filled silver bars have started to circulate in the U.S.”  (Thanks to C.A. in Oregon for the link.)

A recent essay by Michael Pollaro: US government’s fiscal state worsens, DC politicians fiddle  

Items from The Economatrix:

“Greece on the Edge of a Precipice” as a “Lehman-like Avalanche” Could Be Set in Motion as Soon as Sunday

Greek Default Could Trigger Chain Reaction

Gold and Silver Still Great Investments in Inflation, Stagflation, and Deflation

Reader Mike S. sent this: New malware steals your Bitcoin. Mike warns: “There’s malware specifically targeting Windows Bitcoin users.  Mike warns: “Use encryption and strong passwords, and store your Bitcoin wallet in a non-standard place. Use Linux rather than Windows.” JWR Adds: Be sure to empty your Bitcoin wallet frequently and keep most of your wealth in barterable tangibles. Remember: Bitcoin is not a bank, it is just a transfer mechanism.

The Systemic Financial Pillaging of the Middle Class

Over at Stan Deyo’s site: Celente–Collapse:  It’s Coming!  Are you Ready? “Conditions are rapidly deteriorating and it is imperative to remain on high alert. Another violent financial episode is looming. It may be triggered by economics (e.g., debt defaults and debt crisis contagion in Europe, a crashing US dollar, or commodity price spikes); it could be terror (false flag or real), a man-made disaster (another Fukushima) or one made by Mother Nature … or any combination of the above.” 

This Is How The Dollar Dies