Letter Re: Bookshelf Recommendations

I looked at your Bookshelf recommendations and I have a few suggestions to add:

First, the Combat Lifesaver handbook. I received a stapled back copy of this accompanied with hands on training through the military, prior to my recent deployment to Afghanistan, and it is basically an instruction course format, laid out for providing medical treatment during combat pre-first responders.

Second, the Combat Medic Field Reference. It is a combat medics waterproof pocket guide designed to fit into side pocket of trousers. It covers virtually everything a specific medic or group of medics who are rendering aid under combat would need including triage.

Third, since I am a bomb technician, I study explosives literature, and I highly recommend The Chemistry of Powder and Explosives by Tenney L. Davis. It’s a great book for those inclined to learn more about this topic.

Thanks, – D.M.