Letter Re: Moving to The American Redoubt

Hi James,
We read SurvivalBlog often and stumbled across your article about the American Redoubt and found it very interesting, especially after watching the movie “Atlas Shrugged.” I wasn’t sure what it meant to us or what we could do with the info you provided. We decided to randomly search for jobs. We live in Arizona and have always wanted to move out of state, summers here are brutally hot. After reading your article about relocating we decided we really didn’t want to be in Arizona when it all goes down, with the lack of water and you know the rest. We have tried to move to Texas and Colorado before but never found jobs, so it fell through.

We are now moving to Idaho in two weeks. We left it it up to God to provide the job, the house, and all the details. He has completely amazed us! In just three short weeks he has provided all of the these things and more! I won’t take up to much more of your time with the details but I wanted to tell you that it started with you and the article that you wrote.

Thank you so much for risking it all and putting this stuff out there. We are reading and taking action. We are encouraging our friends and family who are also Christian believers to think about relocating as well. God knows our needs and the future and I can’t help but think he’s gathering us together for a good reason. Anyway, thanks for planting the seed and I continue to pray for you and your family.

God Bless, – Jessica