Letter Re: Too Late for Precious Metals Investing?

Mr. Rawles:
Is it too late to invest in precious metals? Do you still recommend Northwest Territorial Mint? In Christ, – Karen F.

JWR Replies: No, it is not too late to invest, but you should watch the market carefully and buy during price dips.

Yes, Northwest Territorial Mint is trustworthy.  But I’ve heard that they can develop a backlog of several weeks when the precious metals market is in a particularly frantic period.  Summers are typically slow for the precious metals market, so it is a good time to buy, both in terms of price and no worries about lengthy waits for delivery.

As I’ve stated many time in the past five years, I recommend silver rather than gold for all but the most wealthy investors. (Portability of their holdings might be an issue, since silver is roughly 25 times as heavy and bulky–per dollar invested–than gold.)