Letter Re: Stocking Up on Nickels

Mr. Rawles,  
After packing many rolls of nickels in .30 caliber ammo cans, I now use a much quicker storage method. Specifically, I discovered that I can place five cardboard boxes of nickels that I buy from the bank ($500) directly into one 20 mm ammo can. The five cardboard boxes fit perfectly in the can, with no extra room. I can load each can in only 1-2 minutes. The packed cans are heavy (maybe 115-120 pounds), and therefore difficult to move. So I usually position each can where I plan to store it before placing the boxes in it. I bought a bunch of 20 mm cans at a local gun show for $8 each.

Incidentally, I’ve also found 20 mm ammo cans to be a convenient size for storing bulk ammo that I do not plan to move.  Keep up the good work.  – M. on the East Coast