Letter Re: Rescue Repair Tape

Mr. Rawles:

You recently posted this:

Jeremy Pavleck over at Cool Tools recently recommended Rescue Repair Tape. It is a fusing silicone repair tape that has umpteen uses. It can even be used as a temporary patch for leaking radiator hoses. I recommend buying a roll for at home, and one for each of your vehicle tool kits.

Jeremy is correct! This stuff is beyond awesome. It is waterproof. It insulates from electricity. It is heat resistant. It is easily removable but doesn’t come off unless you want it to.

I have used it to improve grips on firearms (it is tacky but doesn’t stick to anything). It is perfect for “taping” down a tac-light’s pressure pad switch on a long gun. It can easily be removed leaving no residue behind, but holds up to the hottest barrels.

While I love 100 mph tape, here in Arizona the heat causes it to melt and slide off. But Rescue Repair Tape doesn’t move and I have yet to replace it. I can keep a roll of it in my truck or on my bike and it isn’t ruined by the heat. However, I’ve found a great place to get it less expensively. It can be found at Harbor Freight for generally under $5. And I have purchased it on numerous times when on sale for as little as $3 a roll.

WARNING! This product is more addictive than potato chips! If you try one roll, then you’ll try and fix everything with it from then on! Buy multiple rolls. I usually have one or two “regular use” rolls in different colors and a large supply for “difficult times to come.”  Enjoy! – M.B.B.