Economics and Investing:

C.D.V. sent us a link to a Zero Hedge piece: Jobless Claims Huge Miss to Expectations of 380K, Print at 412K, Previous Revised Upward, Core PPI Higher Than Expected

Also from C.D.V.: Zoellick Sees Economic Risks From Food Prices, Debt, Inflation. In related news: World Bank president: ‘One shock away from crisis’. (Thanks to Mark W. for the latter link.)

Pierre M. was the first of several readers to forward this link: More Americans leaving the workforce.

John S. highlighted this one: Banks Face $3.6 Trillion ‘Wall’ of Debt: IMF

J.H. was the first of several readers to mention this news story: University Of Texas Invests Nearly $1 Billion In Gold Because Kyle Bass Told Them It Was A Good Idea.

Joe Ordinary Voortrekker sent this: BRICs demand global monetary shake-up, greater influence. Joe’s comment: “…but they still want to ‘promote a just economic order’. More like they will be promoting the fall of the Dollar and with that an International Financial Crisis that will have people screaming for a solution…..(Fanfare please) and out comes the new ‘and just’ Global Currency. Meanwhile, we read: BRICS credit: Local currencies to replace dollar.

A Run On the Central Bank of Belarus as Devaluation Fear Forces Halt to All Gold Sales

Items from The Economatrix:

Consumers Feel the Pinch of Pricier Gas and Groceries

Gasoline Averaging $4 a Gallon In Five States

Six Banks Shuttered; Makes 34 Closed in 2011

Moody’s Cuts Ireland by Two Notches, Euro Falls