Inflation Watch:

U.S. Companies Shrink Packages as Food Prices Rise.

Reader Bryan E. wrote to mention: “Over the weekend we had visitors who are in the wholesale food distribution business. They were relating that they had experienced a 14% increase in wholesale food prices during just the month of March. Here are some examples:

Item Size March 1st Price April 1st Price
Sugar 55 lb. $33 $37
Flour 50 lb. $11 $16
Butter 30 lb. $74 $91
Margarine 30 lb. $17 $24
Catfish 15 lb. $54 $89
Cheese 42 lb. $2.55/lb $2.91/lb

Restaurateurs are greatly concerned about how they are going to adjust for these major monthly price increases during a period of already slow business. Many imported food products now have limited availability because the home countries are retaining them for domestic use.”

Reader J.D.D. sent this: Week Ahead: Inflation on the Mind

Bill in New York sent this: Prices at LDS canneries show inflation for food up between 11 and 49%. Here is a quote: “The LDS’s raising food prices at their canneries by 11 to 49% in just three months should be a serious wake up call to all Americans on the true inflationary conditions that exist in our economy, and that we need to constantly look outside government reports for the true data affecting our spending and finances.”

Zach L. sent this: Indiana Farm Bureau reports grocery prices up 4% (in First quarter of 2011.)