Letter Re: Seven Common TEOTWAWKI Misconceptions


The recent article by Brian T. regarding common TEOWAWKI misconceptions is largely true as relates to the bad boy bikers, drug addicts and such. He is particularly correct as relates to BOBs. Where will they go, and can they carry it? What will they do when and if they get there? He’s accurate with regard to traffic jams and all that surrounds that subject.

What he has failed to address, however, is the broader definition of who the “golden hoards” actually are. They are actually your friends, family and unprepared next door neighbors and theirs, and theirs, and theirs. They will be the ones at your doorstep, if they know you have food and other supplies.

Can you turn them away? Will you shoot them if they won’t leave? Will you risk sacrificing the lives of your family by joining the rest of the lemmings in the G.O.O.D. traffic jam? These are the big questions that need to be dealt with by those who are conditioning their minds for the realities of such events.

My personal belief is that preparation for survival in place is the only viable option that the majority have available to them. In the case of the recent Tsunami, that wasn’t really a good option; but for most of the likely events, it is the only option. Do you really think that their BOBs would have saved any lives when the wave came? I doubt it, unless the bag contained scuba gear.

I write this letter for the sole purpose of bringing practical reality to the table. If you are prepared with food, water and weapons (etc, etc, etc) you are better off than not having prepared at all. It can be done easily and quickly if you are motivated to actually do it. Sadly, most are not motivated or willing. Can you be completely self sufficient? Probably not, but don’t let that reality stop you from actually preparing and trying. If you do let it stop you, you do so at your own peril.

The recent article by JWR, regarding timing, is probably right on the money. Time is short. Do it now! – T.H. in Utah