Letter Re: Free Homeschooling Curricula

Mr. Rawles,
There were several letters recently concerning homeschooling.  I homeschool my four children ages 3-12.  I wanted to mention two web sites that offer free downloadable products on either a weekly or daily basis.

CurrClick.com offers a free product every Monday.  You simply download the curricula from their site. The majority of offerings would be most appropriate for the elementary crowd.  We did a wonderful semester long study of rocks and geology a few years ago from material I downloaded from Currclick.

HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay.com offers a free product every wee day (Monday- Friday).  They offer a wide range of homeschooling helps including support materials, audio books, classic literature, and curricula.  I check these sites on a regular basis and save what is useful to me on a USB memory stick.  If I did not have access to new curricula for whatever reason I would have  lots and lots of educational material for the children.  The best part is – it’s free! Best Wishes, – S.T.H.