Letter Re: Railroad Routes for G.O.O.D. Ways Out of Town


Thanks for your help and support for all of us that are closet preppers working our daily grind but having this subject always in the back of our mind.  My job takes me to the west side of Washington state weekly and I live on the east side in a rural setting.  I know I am not alone with the thought of “how am I going to get home” if a sudden event happens.  

As you have talked about, railroad lines are an option.  One can purchase a railroad atlas online that is helpful in thinking through this process. – Randy O.

JWR Replies: I consider railroad right-of-ways a G.O.O.D. option only for dire emergencies. As previously discussed in SurvivalBlog, there are both legal and safety issues, since nearly all active railroad right-of-ways are considered private property. Use the blog’s Search box to scan the blog archives for articles that address these issues, as well as some fascinating pieces on adapting bicycles to run on rails, high-rail trucks, and speeder track vehicles.