Letter Re: Minimizing Generator Noise

Hi Jim and readers,
After reading C.J.’s piece mentioning the negative attention he got from generator noise. I recalled how we reduced that awful noise in Viet Nam. We built a sand bag wall up about four feet high making an enclosure large enough to work around the generator comfortably for servicing and over lapped the door with a sand bag return wall, This insured good noise discipline, and a better work environment. The enclosure also makes an good firing position. Modern generators are nowhere near as noisy as the old Army 1.5, 5, or 10 KW generators, but the noise was reduced enough for us to be fairly confident it would not attract negative attention. With modern generator sets, the noise is way less than what we dealt with in the Army. Now, our military uses extremely quiet diesel generator sets.  But if you have an issue with noise, which would be a negative thing in a retreat environment. Thy the above trick and it will give you more confidence in your retreat environment. Also being able to hear other sounds besides the steady whine of an engine is very important when you life depends on it. Blessings, – Dave of Oregon