Letter Re: Advice on Privacy in Firearms Purchases

Hi Jim,  
If I buy a handgun on AuctionArms.com and have it shipped to a FFL will the authorities know it is registered under my name?  

Thank you,   – John G.

JWR Replies: The following applies only to SurvivalBlog readers in the United States: Well, considering that by law, final delivery of a gun bought out of state means that you must fill out a Form 4473 that will be kept on file permanently with your dealer. Also, an Instant Background Check will be required. So, yes, you will leave a paper trail. (Although it isn’t “registration”, per se.)

However, if your state law allows it, then I recommend that you buy your guns from private parties who lives in your state, and pick them up in person, paying cash, or sending a US Postal Service Money Order in advance.  That will minimize the paper trail.  You should find private sellers through AuctionArms.com, GunBroker.com, GunsAmerica.com, or at local gun shows in your own state.

And, needless to say, stock up on original factory made full capacity magazines immediately after you determine what model pistol you will be buying. There are already rumors of another ban. If one is enacted, you can expect the prices of 11+ round magazines to triple or quadruple!