Choosing Survival Group Partners, by C.G.

What kind of person are you and how does that relate to surviving the end of the world as we know it?

I am far from completely prepared for TSHTF scenario but I am working hard on it.  I do a lot of reading and research on the subject and one of my toughest areas has been in finding other like minded individuals of which I would be able to trust in a post-TEOTWAWKI situation!  I never really realized how difficult this could be.  In my close circle of friends there is but one that is even close to being like minded on what is in store and the benefits of preparing or it!  As we began discussing plans for a bug out many things have come out that caused me great discomfort and lots of thought.

People are introduced into groups or you find people of like mind hoping the gather together the right mixture of people with different skills and experiences to give your group the highest probability for survival in a worst case scenario.  When introduced to several different options I keep coming back to the same annoying little voice in my head that tells me the people you plan to survive with had better be people with the same values and priorities as you have or you’ll pay an ultimate price!

If your children are the most important thing to you in the world I urge you to scrutinize your choice of survival comrades with the most scrutiny you can possibly muster!  When times are so bad that people are killing others for their food and resources people are in their gravest state of desperation.  It is at these times that the true nature and core of a person will escape the inner reaches of themselves and come out with great force.  So how can you be sure who the people are and determine their values and convictions are acceptable for your survival scenario?

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday.  You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” – Barbara De Angelis

So what better way to really get to know the personal convictions of a person than by their life relationships!  If someone is a completely selfish person, who would sacrifice others for themselves instead of working as a team, there should be major warnings in their life circumstances that can make you aware of their mentality.  So what behavior patterns should you watch for and avoid?  To everyone the list will be different but I have some set ones that I watch for in people and try my best not to involve them in my children’s lives…let alone place them as a trusted partner in survival!  Here is my list:

Lack of Integrity:  failure to hold steadfast to adherence of moral and ethical issues

You probably already know many of these people.  They don’t often show immediately but through their actions you can see their lack of integrity.  They are typically unfaithful in their marriages or maintain relations with people who are married.  They often bend the rules to suit themselves.  In relationships it may be rationalizing that since they are unhappy or their girlfriend/boyfriend is unhappy they are somehow excused from the commitments of marriage.  In work they may cut corners and deceive to line their pockets rationalizing that someone is going to do it and it might as well be them.

Arrogance: overbearing pride typically evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors

You can typically spot this character soon after meeting them if not before.  They believe they are God’s gift to the universe and strongly believe they may not always be right but they are never wrong.  These people can be more harmful in dire circumstances as they may rationalize how trading another’s safety for their own makes perfect sense as they are superior and should be saved at all costs.  They often have troubled relationships as they push their opinions and ways on other people as their way of thinking and their way of doing things is the only right way in their mind.

Explosive personality: easily agitated toward the point of explosiveness

These individuals are a little harder to recognize as they wouldn’t want people to know their mannerisms.  In time of knowing someone you may be faced with stressful situations and it is how they handle these situations that may portray this character flaw.  Post TSHTF we will be inundated with high stressful situations and the last thing you want for yourselves or your children is someone present that becomes explosive instead of assertive and calm during these situations.

Lack of accountability:  takes no responsibility in their own choices or actions and is not willing to suffer the consequences of those choices and actions.

Everything just “happens” to this type of person.  When things don’t go right they are just unlucky.  When they get fired from their jobs it is because someone has it out for them…..not because they were late eight times in the last month!  They don’t spend time contemplating their decisions as they have no intention of being held accountable for them.  The repeat the same mistakes because they don’t feel their actions caused them.  This person can be easily spotted as the person usually is a woe is me and complaining individual that would rather complain about everything happening to them then take control and do something to improve their situations.

Lack of commitment:  inability to commit to a path, idea or person.

A long list of life partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, jobs, addresses and much more make this person easy to spot as well.  They are people who get into jobs for a quick buck with no intention of staying.  Or the man/woman that starts a relationship with someone who they have no intention of being with.  They simply hop from job to job, bed to bed and so on with no conviction or care of the havoc they leave behind.  You cannot trust this person with your life or that of your child as they may well change their mind and leave you stranded.

“The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

Now here is where it gets a little tricky!  Some people do have the capacity to change their behaviors and develop and stick to new ones.  However, someone that repeatedly makes the same mistakes is likely to continue to repeat them. 

Remember that the people you plan to survive with are people you will have to put the trust of your own safety and the safety of your children in.  As parents it is hard to trust anyone with our children but if we are very selective it is possible to find others that value children and have great personal convictions that they would be prime candidates you could trust with the life of your child should yours be lost in post-TSHTF chaos.  Always make sure the people you plan with have the highest integrity and responsibility for their actions.  It is these people who you can trust.  They do not willfully lie, cheat or steal and if ever they do they will immediately confess their errors and accept the responsibility and consequences for their actions.

It is definitely not an easy task to find the right people!  Good luck to all of you!