Letter Re: Low Power D.C. Lighting

Awhile back I put up several strings of same color strings of  LED Christmas tree lights from Inirgee. They have been just wonderful to deal with over the years.

The blue strings work great in the outhouse at night because you don’t lose your night vision.

Outside around the house, I tried the cool white but the warm white strings worked much better outside under the eaves. They make a very nice non-obtrusive lighting around the house at night and they are extremely conservative on power. They really make it nice on the driveway and walks.

Then I found a photoelectric controller, the Flexcharge Night Watchman Photoswitch, 12 volt DC / 10 amps from SolarsSeller.com. It works great.

When I get home at night, I don’t need a flashlight to walk in the house.

Just an FYI. Warmest regards and Merry Christmas to you and yours. – The Army Aviator