Letter Re: ATVs for Preppers

There are some aftermarket mufflers that just about silence the ATV’s.  I use one on my Yamaha when I choose to take my ATV hunting.  While it does not get rid of all the sounds, I would say that it quiets the ATV by about 80%.  ATVSilencer.com is one such vendor of many.  This is the one I use and it wasn’t too bad for me (a computer guy) to install.  The only other issue I have with the ATV bugout scenario is the effects of EMP on ATV’s.  I am in the process of designing and fabricating a large faraday box enclosure for my ATV.  There is so much to hear concerning what a EMP/Solar Flare will or wont do to modern cars and electronics, but I figure building an enclosure in my basement could only help keep my ATV running should either scenario play out.   A.J.