Two Letters Re: Building a Dryer Lint Stove

I have made something similar and would agree it is and easy and cheep way to make a reliable stove.  In my instance I have used Altoid cans and I personally like the size and having the lid attached.  I like that there is no “where did I put that lid” problems. – Jason H.

Hi Jim and readers,
Brian C. mentioned his stove. I was  fascinated with the dryer lint stove idea,  I do it a little different, many many years ago, and a long long time ago, I learned a similar way of making a stove, but we used a alternate method using long strips of corrugated card board box material  cut just a little narrower than the tuna can, and wound very tightly into the tuna can, and using paraffin for fuel. They work very similar to Brian’s stove, and spread the heat quite well. I use a lot of wax in my business, So every now and then I make up a few stoves, and place them in my G.O.O.D. bags.  One stove is good for about one meal, or warming a tent.  I think they would be great as part of small kits made up for charity as mentioned in one of the other pieces I read today. Blessings and Merry Christmas, – Dave M.