Letter Re: Evidence that Physical Silver is in Short Supply

An interesting trend to make note of: Here in the Great White North, ScotiaBank (one of our Big Five banks) sells physical bullion through it’s investing arm: ScotiaMocatta.   I simply walk to the main branch in my municipality, make an order at the bullion desk, pay cash, and walk out with a number of 1 ounce silver bars (or whatever precious metal suits your tastes. I find gold too cumbersome at $1,420 per ounce to be useful for trade/barter WTSHTF…)  

As of last week, the 100 ounce silver bars were no longer available either online, or through the bullion desk at the main branch here in town.   Now, neither are the 10 ounce silver bars.  And I’m told that, if their mint is making them, it’s going to take a while as they’re having problems with fulfillment shipments of raw silver.  Wondering when the 1 ounce bars are going to reach the same conclusion…   Keep Your Powder Dry, and God Bless!   – J. in the Great White North