Survival Sixth Sense, by Jody D.

Birds take flight before a devastating tsunami.  A little dog runs out of a building before a massive earthquake.  (Begin to play spooky music now.)  A banker pulls his funds from the market just prior to a ruinous crash..

Luck, foreknowledge, divine guidance, coincidence?  No.  In each case, they were simply more in-tune with the environmental ebb and flow that surrounds them.  That minor change in the normal pattern which betrayed impending disaster and great loss. 

With animals, it is a natural physical sensory extension.  With the banker, an uncomfortable sweaty hunch alerted to by a mind rooted in market patterns for years.

Buy a Dog and Watch it Closely

Actually, you become like a dog.  Get in-tune with the great ebb and flow of society.  You can’t really develop your sensory apparatus  to run out of a bank before an earthquake, but you can develop a “sixth sense” in regards to societal disaster.  You can “sense” a run on a bank before it happens.. You can still get a dog if you want to.


Be Alert and Curious in Training your Mind.. Yes.  It seems appropriate to have our very own acronym as we move forward.  Not only does it emblazon the importance of what we want to develop, but it also clearly notes the integral components of our “Survival Sixth Sense”.  It is something we can touch and feel as we develop what is not as nearly definable.


Be Alert

This is not complicated, but it does require good habits.  The first of which is being alert.  In the case of societal upheaval we have to maintain an awareness of the indicators which surround us every day.  This can range from a serious look from time to time at things or even just a casual notice of certain indicators throughout the day.  Day to day.  Week to week.. Yes, a continuous daily habit. 
A way of life seamlessly inserted into daily habits.

How we each compile this “background” mental information may vary as to what is comfortable with each of us.  Just make sure that all of your indicators are factual.  You are what you eat.  Don’t rely on “fringe” sources which may continually harp “doomsday” fears or simply want you to buy gold, silver or long shelf life foods from them.  Be your own person and build a foundation of factual sources you can monitor actively and in the background of your everyday life..  If your foundation is factual, your “sixth sense” will be a valuable tool which may save yourself and others.  If it is not factual, you will soon find yourself in the position of the “crazy uncle” unable to save yourself or those you love even as the rumbling dark flood breaks into view.

The best I can do here is to let you know what I do.  Let you know what I see, watch and listen to and how I do it:

Tools – Smart phone, Computer, TV, Radio, Acquaintances, Police Scanner, My Eyes and Ears.

On my smart phone and computer I often visit sites that give me a reading on the current price and direction of the markets, dollar, silver and gold.  These four indicators form predictable patterns as you note them over time.  I won’t explain the patterns- it is up to you to casually check these several times a day and get used to their general flow and relationships.  If you want a dependable “Sixth Sense” you have to develop it yourself!

In tandem with the markets I also survey the headlines from news sources.  There can often be relationships in the news that tie back to the markets or even hints of future fluctuation.  I also review other commodities from time to time such as wheat, cotton, corn, copper, etc.

It is fine to go to other sites to buffer your knowledge, but make sure you always consider the source!  Sometimes what is not mentioned is more important than what is.  Sometimes it is a pile of rubbish and sometimes it is a lump of gold.  Weigh every bit of information by who the source is and how factual it is.  Don’t be afraid of ignoring some information altogether!

The above items are simply incorporated into your day at your convenience.  I can be in a Doctor’s waiting room and get an update on all of the markets in just a couple of minutes.  It may not mean much at the time but it adds to the pattern developing in my head.  Don’t let this stuff consume you!  Just glide it into your life as an unobtrusive habit..

Oh, eyes and ears.  This is simply everyday living with an eye to ground information.  What is well stocked in stores?  What is short?  How empty are the shelves?  When are the lines longest?  What price changes are noticeable?  What is the price of gas?  What of law enforcement, National guard and military activity?  What do friends who work in Banks say?  What do friends who work in law enforcement or the military say?  What do friends who work in stores say?  What kind of public works and infrastructure work is going on?  Is rush hour normal? 

Alertness is simply taking notice of information which can be put in the “normal” folder.  What of the occasional anomaly though?  Read on.

Be Curious

After taking notice of all these things for an extended period, we have built our own “background” knowledge of what is “normal” in the fluctuation of our current society. 

When a piece of information comes along now that does not fit- we notice it.  It is the scream from the abandoned house which sends a chill along the spine,  it is our “Sixth Sense” alerting us.  It is the tide gently beginning to ripple  out before a tsunami, the delicate unfelt trembling of the earth before is splits open.  It is not yet time to sound the alarm though.  Now is the time to target the anomaly.

When a small piece of the fabric of our society unravels to our notice- now is the time to be curious.  Focus on it and learn why it is different.  Use your information resources you have developed to see as clearly as possible what is going on.  Is it the unusual early outgoing tide or the prelude to a devastating tsunami?

Investigate.  You may find that it is simply an unusual infrequent fluctuation which has happened often before.  Pet your dog and file it into the patterns you have formed in your “background” knowledge.  It may be unexplainable, but also seemingly harmless.  Pet your dog and await further possible indicators.  It may be pointing in a direction so far from the normal pattern that it is time to take early action based on your “sixth sense”.  Pet your dog and act!


Train Your Mind

To be alert and curious of the society surrounding you, in a fundamental factual way, is to train your mind.  This is how we store information into the background of our daily thinking.  Don’t run with every story you hear, but verify it first! 

All of these verified factual observations  collectively form a “background” knowledge base to our every day lives.  This enables us to note quickly that one thing slipping past us that does not fit.  This is how we can get that uneasy feeling we can’t quite figure out right away.  This is how we survive and protect the loved ones around us.  This is how we keep from being that “crazy uncle” crying wolf all the time.  This is how we are listened to when we tell those around us what we need to do- and we need to do it now!

Buy a dog.  He may warn you of an earthquake.  Train your mind in being alert and curious about the world around you.  You may save yourself and those you love from great calamity (and your dog).  These words from Proverbs speak to preparedness, and what greater preparedness can there be than that of our very minds?

Proverbs 3:21-26
My son, do not lose sight of these—
keep sound wisdom and discretion,
and they will be life for your soul
and adornment for your neck.
Then you will walk on your way securely,
and your foot will not stumble.
If you lie down, you will not be afraid;
when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
Do not be afraid of sudden terror
or of the ruin of the wicked, when it comes,
for the LORD will be your confidence
and will keep your foot from being caught.