Letter Re: Just In Time Consumers

James Wesley,  
Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful, informative web site.  I have been active for about a year and am working on my introduction and first contribution to Survival Blog.  Ironically I have basically been employed all of my life in one of the industries, consumer package goods, which is one of the key industries so tied to technology that if TEOTWAWKI hits would be significantly impacted. 

Earlier today I came across an article in The Wall Street Journal which emphasizes the needs for preppers to be more prepared and to also know what your neighbors are doing or are not doing: The Just-in-Time Consumer. As we prepare for the worst of the worst in coming economic collapse many of our neighbors are now purchasing food and household supplies “just in time” (JIT) much like inventory is managed at your local retailer.  More and more of our neighbors will have less and less reserves in their pantries just when they need them the most.  This is a startling trend that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention.   

I sincerely appreciate your web site and have learned a great deal from it in the last year.  I also have enjoyed your books “Patriots” and “How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It” and look forward to future releases.  Regards, – S.A.A. Joe