Letter Re: Apartment Fire Lessons Learned

I am sleeping soundly when I hear a car horn then another long horn for a full minute which seems like an eternity at 4 A.M. the apartment behind mine are 70 yards from my back porch. Then I hear a slamming of metal sound and then another like a bat hitting a car. Then I kind of fall back to sleep only to hear police knocking on doors yelling police and it sounds like they are down stairs and then all this knocking. I open my eyes and there is a fireball outside my window and my dog is starting to go nuts.

I look for my flashlight next to my pillow and realize it is in the truck because I took an extra one when I went hunting and forgot to put it back. I put on some clothes and cant find the flashlight in the kitchen. I go outside and the cops are trying to get people out of their apartments that are near this truck that is now a huge bonfire. I get closer and then the fire dept comes and this truck starts to catch another car on fire and the cops are trying to put out a huge blaze with a car fire extinguisher. Now there is smoke everywhere and I go back to my apt cause I can’t breathe.

Lessons Learned:

Don’t remove the flashlight without putting it back. Have one in your vehicle and have a fire extinguisher in your car and in your apt. Have a damn bug out bag. I started one and through hunting and car trips, etc. It got used and appropriated for other things. Seeing the neighbors who’s front door was 10 feet from the parked truck standing out in the cold at 4 A.M. in boxers while being shouted at by cops while you are half awake is disconcerting to say the least. Had I lived closer to that truck that was on fire, it would have been us out there.

So as I am half awake, I am planning on building a BOB for the family and dog and getting fire extinguishers and some gear together and putting it in our vehicles.