Letter Re: Christmas Ideas for the Prepper

Every year I seem to be caught in the same dilemma. What to get the kids for Christmas.

Being the divorced father of three kids presents many challenges. First I am always upstaged, which does not matter to me, I am not trying to buy my kids affection. Second, today’s kids get almost whatever they want, if they have a job to save for that Ipod touch or new Blackberry then all the power to them. This year however I am taking a different approach. I have a 20-year-old daughter living in the big city. An 18-year-old daughter living with her mom and my 15-year-old son living with me. Both my ex-wife and her boyfriend are military as well as myself, so I am not too overly concerned about the two youngest. My 20 year old however is in a different situation; I need to be able to give her the best possible opportunity to Get out of Dodge.

Therefore, this year I am going with bug out bags for all three. I was able to get a good deal at MEC, Mountain Equipment Coop, on quality black 45 liter day packs, they have extra loops to use Alice/Malice clips with and have a detachable fanny pack. I chose black because I did not want them to draw attention to themselves as they would if they had bright colors, or camouflage or OD green. Black can blend into any environment. I’ve read so many articles on BOBs that it makes my head swim, and after 22 + years in the military following kit lists packing my rucksacks every year I’ve whittled it down to the bare essentials.

Inside the Fanny Pack:

Note: Can still be carried if they have to ditch the pack.)

– Bic lighter and fire steel

– Small amount of toilet paper. To use as fire starter or well, toilet paper.

– Sewing kit

– Fishing kit

– Leatherman tool

– 550 cord or Para cord 50’

– Signal mirror

– Mini-Mag light

– 750 ml Water bottle

– Silva compass

– State or Province Road Map(s).

Inside Main Pack:

– Poncho

– Poncho liner

– 3 pairs of wool socks

– Spare bootlaces

– Candle lantern with extra candles

– Stainless steel cup

– Alcohol penny stove

– 350 ml alcohol container

– Toque (“Knit cap”, for my American counterparts)

– Leather work gloves / knit liners

– Quality hunting knife such as a Russell knife

– 50’ of Parachute cord

– Titanium or stainless Spork.

– Hand crank world band radio

MREs, 9 entries and accessory packs, broken down. (A three-day supply.)

Being in Canada, we face stricter challenges for self-defence so I am unable to legally purchase 9mms for each of them. However, post TEOTWAWKI; I have no problem ensuring they have defensive capability. They would also have to put in whatever clothing they wanted to pack, hopefully something earth tone.

For my oldest living in the city, I have already started to put together a 5-gallon pail with a Gamma Seal lid together with a week of emergency foodstuffs like flour, canned tuna, baking powder, canned soup, rice, instant coffee and canned ham. She can just throw that in the closet for a rainy day so she can stay put until Dad can extract her from the Chaos.

There are many more things I would do but this is a good base that they can build on for themselves. Again, if given the choice I would make sure that they each had a firearm and plenty of ammunition for it.

I am sure it is not what they have on their Christmas list but I know they will appreciate it when the SHTF. – Scott in Ontario, Canada