Letter Re: Updating JWR’s Economic Collapse Indicators List

On September 25, 2008, you posted some economic collapse indicators to watch for. I am interested to learn if you have any updates/changes/additions to these indicators. Thank you. – D. in Arizona.

JWR Replies: I don’t have any significant changes to that list. Ominously, one of the last items on my list ,”The Treasury starts to extensively monetize debt” has recently been announced, under the euphemism “Quantitative Easing”. Speaking of which, several readers sent us this article from Forbes: magazine: QE2 actions will lower dollar and raise gold. That, dear readers, is massive monetization, by any other name!

Be ready.

Oh, and to explain that last item on that list: “Mel Gibson moves to Fiji”. I included that as a joke, but in fact he does own an island there.