Economics and Investing:

Harold Bradley warns: Far More Derivative Exposure Today Than Two Years Ago. He talks about “terrifying” risks.

More about derivatives, and some immediate, huge, repercussions: Tavakoli: Biggest Fraud in the History of the Capital Markets

California budget means lean times for the state – 5 reasons why the California economy will lag for years to come. High paying jobs gone, shadow inventory, state taxes, and re-writing history.

Have you noticed that the melt value of a lowly Nickel (U.S. Five Cent piece) is now worth more than 120% of face value? It is not too late to stock up, while they are still readily available in circulation at face value.

From The Daily Bell: Doug Casey on the Violence of the Storm, the Destruction of the Middle Class and the Coming Gold Standard

G.G. forwarded this: Three Horrifying Facts About the US Debt “Situation”

Items from The Economatrix:

Chaos Forces US Banks to Halt Repossessions. The buzzword for the foreseeable future will be: Foreclosuregate

“Imbalances” Threaten New Global Meltdown

A Sloppy-Foreclosure Plague Will Destroy America

Wal-Mart Ends Profit Sharing With Employees

US Loses Another 95,000 Jobs in September

IMF: Real Estate Slump Could Last Eight Years

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Gold is the Final Refuge Against Universal Currency Debasement