Letter Re: El Cheapo Prepping 101

Hello Jim,

Just a quick comment about the scavenging for used brass at ranges in “El Cheapo Prepping 101”. In addition to the practical reloading concerns you mention, it’s also important that the prospective “brass forager” knows both the written rules and de facto behavioral norms at the range/club they shoot at. For example, I belong to a club that collects (via clean-up efforts of its members) spent brass from the ranges and the club directors sell it for additional funds used to benefit the club. Taking any brass out of the collection bins is a rule violation that can result in expulsion from the club. While there’s no written rule about taking brass from the ground, the de facto behavioral norm is that it’s okay to collect your own fired brass and a little extra within reason but, in general, uncollected brass is for the club’s resale and scooping it up wholesale and pocketing it is frowned upon. Even though you’re not violating the written rule, you’re violating the behavioral norm of the club and that could have various consequences that wipes out the “profit” of the brass by costing you membership, friendship, et cetera. Regards, – XV