Economics and Investing:

Okay, so I told you so, folks. Gold and Silver have set new highs. There will still be some very scary dips in this bull market. Be wise. Buy on the dips!

No comment necessary: State officials cancel access to welfare benefits on cruise ships and at all casinos. (Thanks to N.I.M. for the link.)

Damon flagged this: ‘Delay and pray’ won’t work for commercial real estate

Greg C. mentioned this: How the Housing Crisis Will End the U.S.A. as We Know It.

B.B. sent this: Consumer bankruptcy filings climb 11%

Those mysterious derivatives: French trader must pay $6.7 billion for fraud. (Yes, the “bets” that they mentioned were derivatives trades.)

Currency Controls Rising Amid Korea Bank Audit, Brazil Taxes. (A hat tip to Susan H. for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Rumors Aside, Something Big Is About To Happen

AP Analysis: Economic Stress Declined In August

Service Sector Growth Accelerates In September

Bernanke: Threats From Deficits “Real And Growing”

Broke Cities Turn To Bankrupt States For Help