Economics and Investing:

Reader Robert A. sent this: How to Make & Use Gold Test Solutions. Robert’s comment: “I recently entered a gold and silver exchange to sell, what I thought was silver, and upon testing discovered that it was a very thick silver plate. Below is a list of solutions used for various testing of gold and silver. I was informed that using the 14 karat gold solution works well for testing silver.”

K. in Montana liked this piece over at the Rural Revolution blog: The Economics of Prepping

Dan J. flagged this: S&P: $460 Billion Shadow Inventory [of distressed residential properties] Will Take 41 Months to Clear. Gee, and that is assuming that the market levels off…

R.B.S. highlighted this article: Bill Seeks Increased Congressional Oversight of Coin Production. His comment: “More news on pending changes to those ‘terrible nickels and dimes’ that ‘cost us’ to produce…”

H.H. suggested this bit of gloomage by Tyler Durden: Introduction To The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III

Items from The Economatrix:

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China Pledges to Prop Up Eurozone and Save Greece

US Unemployment “Probably” Rose in September

The Daily Gold & Silver Report: Massive Mortgage Fraud, Massive Movements in Silver continue

Buying Gold Before The “Blow Off Phase”

S&P 500 Profits Cut For First Time in Year By Analysts

August Factory Orders Decline By 0.5%