Inflation Watch:

Is The Federal Reserve Out Of Control? Markets Around The World Brace For Impact As The Federal Reserve Powers Up The Printing Presses

Reader A.S.W. notes: “I just returned from a Sam’s Club warehouse store in Florida. Their Maker’s Mark brand of toilet paper went up $3 per package. A week ago it was $14 now it is $17. And regarding sugar, the shelves at Wal-Mart and the Aldi [supermarket] were wiped out so I had to get a 50 pound bag at Sam’s. This also went up $3. a week ago it was $25 now it is $28.”s

Puru Saxena: Deflation: Reality or urban myth?

Bank of England’s Adam Posen calls for more quantitative easing.

Enjoying the Weak Dollar? You Could Live to Regret It